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What makes a good personal financial planning report

Risk Profiling

A proper risk profiling helps an advisor to understand the risk appetite of the investor. This is very important part of financial planning report since asset allocation pattern depends upon clients risk profile.

Goal Analysis

Goal analysis is a procedure of defining goals and then analysing their present cost versus future cost, current resources versus future resources and finally mapping investments with the goals.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an investment approach where portfolio is designed keeping balance between risk and reward according to individuals goals, risk appetite and liquidity requirement.

Portfolio Monitoring

It is a process to keep a check whether the investment patter of our portfolio is aligned with our objectives. The market behaviour and client goals changes with the time and these changes should be reviewed periodically to ensure that the portfolio remains appropriate for the client objectives.

Portfolio Rebalancing

By periodically rebalancing, investor restores the portfolio to its target allocation. It also decreases the tendency for “portfolio drift” and thus potentially reduces the risk. The allocation keeps on changing because of different rates of return of different asset classes and that’s why it is necessary to rebalance the portfolio with time.

What Services We Offer

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Our Work Flow

We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide you with quick and timely service.
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    Relationship Building

    We always emphasize on building a strong relationship with our clients so that they can trust us on their financial well being journey. We don’t mind meeting couple of times before starting our journey together.

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    Data Collection

    Collection of the data through various questionnaires and one to one interaction. The whole outcome is dependent on the financial and personal data shared with your advisor.

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    Our firm make use of various tools and sophisticated software’s and applies due diligence in analyzing the data collected.

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    After thorough analysis, we present the best suitable investment strategy applicable to our clients basis your liquidity requirements, risk-return profile etc. The investment strategy, cash flows are based on your short term, medium term and long term goals.

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    We walk along with every step you take and soothe the implementation of the plan for you. The effective implementation of a plan is what counts, not mere planning on papers.

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    Constant monitoring of the investments so that you do not lose out any opportunity. Also, it ensures that our investments are aligned with the initial/revised plan. With the changing market dynamics, it also ensures that your investments are in line with the changing market scenarios.

Client reviews

Look through some of our reviews below and let our customers assure you that we are the best at what we do.
Sanjay Sharma

President – Technical at Puravankara Limited

Disciplined and a wonderful person. Has sound knowledge of his work and ever do dependable.
Praneet Mehrish

HR Advisor, Consultant, Coach at ORGMENTOR

I have known Twinkle for over 10 years as a Professional Financial Advisor and now as a very good friend. Twinkle is a very conscientious and dedicated Advisor. When one engages his services, one can be sure that he will be able to clear up the mess created by any previous advisors as well as advise you the most optimum course given your risk appetite and portfolio. He reads your needs very well and thus gives very sane and solid advice. I would recommend him at any time. A solidly dependable Consultant! And trustworthy!
Raman Sharma

General Manager at Ericsson India Global Services

I have known Twinkle for about 10 years but started enjoying his services for about 3 years now and few things stand out for him - his confidence and grip in his area of expertise is superb, he doesn't get hassled too much and synthesizes information effortlessly and gives you firm advice - something you want from your advisor. He is thoroughly honest and professional in his approach. He can be trusted for any advice; personal or professional and is a great person to know and work with.
Nagender Saini

VP – Wealth Management at Narayan Securities Ltd.

Twinkle Gujral have all the good attributes of a real Sikh, a thorough gentleman and committed to his words. It was a good experience to teach him Financial Planning Certification Program Modules due to his humbleness and never dying spirit to learn more for the best results. His overall character convinced me and I invited him on his completion of certification for delivering same in our esteemed institute (RNIS College of Financial Planning at Delhi Centre). Here also he flew like a real Milkha Singh a Flying Singh on two legs with his commitment, dedication and honest hard work! best of luck Twinkle and thanks for being in my life.....
Sandip Kohli

Chief Operating Officer at Mazrui International

I know Twinkle for almost 10 years now as he has been advising me on my financial goals. I have seen him grow as a matured & very able financial adviser. He commands good knowledge in his field, is nimble and make the right moves based on the market conditions. He is quite pragmatic in his approach, providing well researched, credible and sustainable solutions. He clearly invests in his clients for the long term and not interested in quick wins. Easily approachable, trustworthy and provides a professional service. I have no hesitation in recommending Twinkle for anyone seeking assistance for financial planning.
Ajay K Gupta

SI Delivery Head – Nokia Software

I know Twinkle from last 12 years. He can be described in one single word which is TRUST. He has been exceptional advisor with utmost sincerity and ownership. Combination of these quality makes him different from others. His approach in putting customer benefit first is remarkable. His punctuality to meet customer and enabling them to take an informed decision is really appreciable. I must wish him all future success and keep it up all such qualities which are indeed great assets.
Abhay Chand

Chief Executive Officer at Petro IT (USA) Inc.

I have been a client of Twinkle's for 5 years now and through this time have received the best advice and services from him and his firm. He always offers very well researched investment suggestions and backs them up with historical data. Thanks to his sound investment management, I have made decent returns even in down years. I would recommend Twinkle and his firm to anyone looking for financial planning.
Rana Pratap Sircar

Head of Innovation at Ericsson India Global Services

The first thing that strikes you about Twinkle is his polite behaviour and a very nice smile. He is quite thorough in his work. Trust plays an important role in this business and he is very particular about that. I wish him all the very best and success.

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