Our objective of inviting you to be a part of our financial planning workshop is to make every individual understand the importance of financial planning and to spread the awareness about how one can easily take advantage of our services and plan for achieving their financial goals. In today’s world, when everybody is busy in their daily life routines, they generally overlook or forget to plan to resume their financial planning which leads to a delay in their future savings. Thus through this workshop, we will be trying to make our participants learn the importance of goal-based investments.

For providing the insight on the same we will organize a full day workshop for all large, medium or small size corporates, Professional Bodies, Business, Schools, and Housing Societies and also for Individuals. In a few words, if we want to summarize our objective, we would like to guide people about “How they can achieve their financial freedom”.

Our Program Content (Curriculum) would include awareness on topics like –

1.) Introduction to Financial Planning

  • Financial planning and it’s real importance and meaning in one’s life
  • The process we follow for your Financial Planning
  • Impact of early & delayed investments
  • How to understand, prioritize and plan your finances for achieving and meeting your future goals (for
  • Advisors best practices

2.) Risk Management

  • Personal risk assessment
  • Adverse Selection
  • Insurable interest
  • Utmost good faith
  • Pure Risk

3.) Retirement Planning

  • Start early “Happy Life”
  • Accumulation phase – spending phase
  • Defined Benefits
  • Defined Contribution
  • Early retirement versus delayed retirement
  • Reverse Mortgage

4.) Investment Management

  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Risk-return
  • Systematic risk – unsystematic risk
  • Investment schemes

5.) Tax Planning

  • Various deductions available to an individual
  • Capital gains
  • How to save taxes

6.) Estate Planning

  • Nominations
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Gifts

The contents of the program can be customized as per the requirement of the respective organization and participating clients.

What we charge

Our program is highly customized and focused and we have spent a lot of time in designing and developing the program’s content so that we can make sure that we are giving you the maximum amount of awareness without taking much time out of your productive hours. Our fee structure is reasonable and the amount of fee is entirely dependent upon the duration of the program, no. of participants and location.

Workshop Photos/videos

Please click here to see the photos/videos of the already conducted workshops.