Portfolio Management Service is a tailor-made investment service which is offered to cater to the investment objective of different types of investors. The investment solutions provided in PMS (Portfolio Management Service) caters to a niche segment with high net worth.

This service is very popular amongst high net worth individuals. There are various benefits of these services to the clients like –

  • This Professionally manages your money to create wealth
  • It helps to constantly monitor your portfolio on a real-time basis, thus keeping a track of every penny invested.
  • Since it is provided by professionals, managing wealth will be a convenient and hassle-free task for the customers
  • It will also provide you an in-house risk management system

As per SEBI’s instructions, the minimum amount to avail portfolio management service is Rs. 25 Lacs.

Also, the client can opt for discretionary or non-discretionary approach. In a discretionary approach, the power to invest the amount lies with the fund manager. But, the client can always discuss their queries with the provider through regular meetings/phone calls. In a non-discretionary approach, the portfolio manager will only provide advisory to the client but the investment decisions lie with the investor only. Although the execution facility is provided only by a portfolio manager.

In a nutshell, in a discretionary approach, the portfolio manager can act independently whereas, in non-discretionary approach, the portfolio manager cannot act independently since the investment decisions lie with the investor only.

Below listed services are offered under PMS:

  • Midcap Portfolio Management Services
  • Small Cap Portfolio Management Services
  • Value-based Portfolio Management Services
  • Focused Portfolio Management Services