Reasonable Fee Structure – When creating a financial plan and comparing your goals to your financial resources (i.e. retirement assets, liquid assets and retirement income such as a pension, interest or profits on investments and savings) one should get a probability of success, but along with that the biggest concern of each client is whether the fee based financial advisory service they are availing is reasonable or not. So here we provide assurance of a reasonable rate of returns. While we start working for you we provide you a list of all our charges in black and white. We have made sure while working on our fee structure that our clients should not feel overcharged, instead should feel happy to pay for the services they are availing.

Have an unmatched record in protecting Capital – Agile is associated with several reputed clients and our unmatched record shows that none of our clients have ever experienced losses in their returns. We plan your portfolio only after knowing your risk appetite in such a manner that there remains a consistency in your returns throughout. We keep a close watch on the market situation so that we can guide you and make sure you face no losses in your returns.

Set Real-time expectations – As a financial planner or advisor, the first step before any type of investment is made is to educate the client. This is especially true when the client has had little exposure to investing. In fact, some clients may seek the services after they’ve heard of friends or family members reaping huge profits from a certain stock or other investment. Unfortunately, this type of client may not be aware of the risks involved, or the odds that are against them, in order to realize the same kind of gain. It is therefore imperative to provide clients with a realistic perspective and set real-time expectations based on historical market performance right from the start. Thus we make sure we understand our client’s risk appetite and then calculate the amount of risk that a client can emotionally take. We expect to grow to build your trust and we believe misleading you are simply moving towards the failure of our most important objective of client servicing.