Our insurance advisory services are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients. The risk management practice revolves around identifying, analyzing risk which ends with the right pricing of the calculated risks for our esteemed clients. The underinsurance is the main problem with the Indian citizen’s as generally, they are ending up paying higher premiums for low cover.

Our boutique of insurance advisory includes Insurance for individuals, Asset Protection, Liability Covers, Professional Indemnities, Group covers ( through tie-ups), etc.

Our services are diligent and systematic when we suggest you a specific kind of Insurance service we first try and understand your priorities.

Our association doesn’t mean we are shaking hands or partnering with you for selling a product but it is like understanding you first and then holding your hands in helping and protecting you and your family.

In order to best identify your risk, we first analyze your requirements using the below checklist –

  • Identification of Hazard i.e, cause of risk
  • Identification of Risk
  • Analyzing the impact of risk
  • Controlling of Risk
  • Documentation of the process
  • Monitoring and review of the plan