As a consulting firm, we are also providing financial planning services to the employees at the corporate level apart from individuals. In the corporate model, the company has to hire us on a monthly or yearly retainership basis so that we can serve a group or section or all your employees (As applicable and mutually agreed upon) with the below mentioned services without any charges as here the onus of paying for our services would be with the company and not with the individuals.

There are several employee-centric organizations who invest in the financial well-being of their employees. This in return reduces the personal mental pressure of their employees, thus gradually helping them to concentrate more on their performances and less on worrying about planning for their future financial goals. So in a way you can call us your productivity and revenue catalysts as we take away your employee’s worries and boost their mental ability to concentrate more on their work and less on their personal goals. We make this possible by providing them the below services –

  • Financial awareness workshop on a monthly basis.
  • We will do a risk profiling for all of the employees.
  • We will also provide access to our online portfolio viewer with pre-activated online transaction facility wherein you can see a detailed view of all your asset classes at one place be it Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Retirement Assets, etc.
  • We will also set up helpdesk at your company wherein one of our employees will come on a weekly basis at a pre-agreed day/time to resolve or answer any query/service issues of your employees on an individual basis. On the contrary, we will also provide an email helpline where they will be able to mark us all their queries and we will resolve the same on a priority basis.
  • Financial health checkups through our New Zealand based financial planning software, wherein the employees will get access to themselves to feed their data online and get their financial plan on a click of a mouse. This services can be used through Do it yourself (DIY Model) or through an advisor assistance model or both.