The implication of tax is higher on a salaried person if the salary is not structured properly. At one end there is a reason to rejoice for the rise in salaries on the other end there is worry of tax implications on this growth. More reason to be cautious if you have income arising from different earning sources. Our salary restructuring services answers this and many other questions as follows:-

Often we face the following general issues:

  • Is your new employer providing you a tax friendly and ideal salary package?
  • Are your flexible benefits plan structured optimally?
  • What’s the best plan you can do for your benefits plan?
  • Is your IT declaration proper? Are you giving the company all the required information & not missing out anything?
  • Are you making the best of your cash flows in the yearly declarations?
  • Are you using a company provided other benefits like medical, conveyance reimbursements, HRA, LTA, etc appropriately & suitable for your situation?
  • Is it better to take a company car lease or buy your car personally without the company in the picture?
  • File your returns properly; most people are simply careless and can face much trouble later